Coming up with titles can be tiring

Last post was back in February, it is now April. I think I’m doing okay, mentally wise. I did see a therapist. For only one time, though. It felt and still feels as though they’re wasting their resources on me. But that’s okay. I’m getting by.

Found a bunch of music that is really love, rediscovering songs that I hadn’t listened to in months and years.

Also still very obsessed with John Marston and Red Dead Redemption. Also obsessed with the Dishonored series and Corvosider.

Because I’d be a fool not to see the relationship that grows between Corvo Attano and The Outsider in both Dishonored and Dishonored 2. And at the ending of Death Of The Outsider, the happy ending is where Billie Lurk takes The Outsider to Dunwall so the Outsider can be with Corvo and just have his happy ending with the man he loves.

I am writing again, finding a bunch of writing prompts on instagram and on tumblr. Just need to get motivated to type it up. And to finish a story that I started in the summer of 2016 ><


Still obsessed with John Marston

Still obsessed with John Marston. With Red Dead Redemption coming out in the spring of 2018, I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. Then there’s The Evil Within 2 and I hope Joseph Oda is in it again, if only for my reassurance that he gets rescued. He wasn’t at the end of the first game ­čśŽ

Sometimes things are so frustrating

Sooo, I’m trying to figure this out. ┬áI have a limited amount of space on wordpress, so I’m trying an image hosting site. ┬áLet’s see how this turns out┬á ┬áIt didn’t work out. ┬áThere are times that I miss having my own hosting, maybe one of these days I’ll get hosting through wordpress just so I can have plenty of space to upload images :/ I haven’t take the time since about September of last year to actually sit down and take pictures of my custom ponies. ┬áSince it’s summer, I’ve got the time now. ┬áSo here are some of the customs I’ve made last year/this year and previous years before.