Still obsessed with John Marston

Still obsessed with John Marston. With Red Dead Redemption coming out in the spring of 2018, I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. Then there’s The Evil Within 2 and I hope Joseph Oda is in it again, if only for my reassurance that he gets rescued. He wasn’t at the end of the first game 😦




I wish I wasn’t such a failure. The things I don’t fail at aren’t important.  But the things i do fail at are big. 
My sister tells me my niece looks up to me.  and all I can think about is why.  Why does she look up to me?  I’m no one special.  Just someone who can’t do things right.

this is a thing now

So this is n0w my blog.  I guess a place to rant and just ramble.  I’ve decided not to renew my domain, losing interest in fanlistings for the past few years.  I thought why pay for a domain that I don’t use anymore.  It feels extremely strange not to have a domain (it doesn’t expire until later this month), but since I started working again, it doesn’t make any sense to spend money on something I rarely use.

I hope to update this blog/journal more often than I did my previous one.  But at least here I can use the wordpress app :3
Right now, I don’t have access to my laptop, doing this moble via the app.  No access to the other stuff :/