So I’m obsessed with Adele’s song “Hello” and can totally picture this song being perfect for Yonekuni and Shirou.  It has the potential for so much angst between the two.


Still obsessed with John Marston

Still obsessed with John Marston. With Red Dead Redemption coming out in the spring of 2018, I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. Then there’s The Evil Within 2 and I hope Joseph Oda is in it again, if only for my reassurance that he gets rescued. He wasn’t at the end of the first game 😦



I wish I wasn’t such a failure. The things I don’t fail at aren’t important.  But the things i do fail at are big. 
My sister tells me my niece looks up to me.  and all I can think about is why.  Why does she look up to me?  I’m no one special.  Just someone who can’t do things right.